Re:ZERO – Starting Life in A new World

Remember the awesome story-telling of Higurashi? That all over again, but with less blood this time. Continue reading



With the days getting shorter, why not have a vampire story? And since a whole lot of them is to come, let’s start it off classy with this one. I present a bishie-buffet of all types, with the classical korean overload of, bluntly put, everything. Make some oom on your harddrive, fangirl material incoming. Continue reading

Date A Live

Never in my life have I played an Eroge, and I think, I might have missed out on something important. Because with things like they are, I am seriously afraid I might not be able to save the world from attacking aliens, without this crucial part of education. Continue reading

Dawn of the Arcana

No matter how much I love action and shounen, in the end, I’m just a little fangirl and my heart needs something sweet now and then. This was recommended to me by a friend and is a sweet lovestory, that isn’t too drawn out. It’s a cool manga for inbetween, for this who gave their Barbie dolls superpowers. Continue reading