Dawn of the Arcana

No matter how much I love action and shounen, in the end, I’m just a little fangirl and my heart needs something sweet now and then. This was recommended to me by a friend and is a sweet lovestory, that isn’t too drawn out. It’s a cool manga for inbetween, for this who gave their Barbie dolls superpowers.

So we reconcile a war, fight for freedom, an the prince marries the princess, but not in that order. We start with the wedding, where Nakaba gets married to Caesar, to unite their kingdoms, and create peace. Everyone has a problem with Nakaba’s hair colour though, because nobles are supposed to have dark hair, and not red hair, like her. So, she has to prove her value, and sooner or later discovers that she has the power of foresight.

The main focus is definitely the relationship between Nakaba and Caesar, how they handle their duty to unite their countries. Things start out very political, but this wouldn’t be a shojo, if we didn’t get past that. Interesting for the plot also is Nakaba’s attendant, Loki, who is a mix breed, and as such even lower in rank than red-haired people, but a stoic existance. The story develops nicely, like a little fairytale. It doesn’t get too cheesy anywhere, so it’s for more than just hardcore romantics.

We have a nice climax in the middle, with a great twist, a good finale and the ending also is perfectly befitting. Wonderful Manga for the little girl in you!

Dawn of the Arcana – FACTS

by Rei Toma

published by Shogakukan in 2009

recommended for: everyone who wants a little romance, but no epic prose.

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