With the days getting shorter, why not have a vampire story? And since a whole lot of them is to come, let’s start it off classy with this one. I present a bishie-buffet of all types, with the classical korean overload of, bluntly put, everything. Make some oom on your harddrive, fangirl material incoming.

Modern times, a dark haired bishie rises from a white coffin in a completely empty but super large apartment. He looks out of the window, copies the school uniform worn by students in the streets and follows them. There, he meets another red-haired athlete type bishie, who brings him to the blonde headmaster bishie. You realize the pattern? Yaz!

Except for bishies, we also get glorious fighting action, supernatural powers, and opponents that become friends at a quota of 40%. Only if they pass the bishie test though. (If anyone missed the call: this has fanservice written all over it!)

So what else is there to say about Noblesse?

– I love these elegant drawings, the style is very refined and elegant, no need to come to me about rationalism. This manhwa ain’t rational, it’s made to make you flabbergasted with awe.

– Secondly, to anyone who thought, I only care for long black hair and katanas: Takeo is proof that guns work just as well.

– The maincharacter is a mary sue and OP as Jesus until somewhere beyond chapter 250, but I doubt any of you will truly care.

– We never see any real vampires, but werewolves and the sparkles are shojo sparkles only.

– Rael is damn cool.

– The slapstick is f*cking real (<- see what I did there? 😀 )

Noblesse is a fangirl’s dream come true, but also a pretty cool action loaded story that doesn’t have too many twists, but lives off it’s amazing continuations. For readers above 12 years of age, who value a stylish mystery story.



Author Son Jae Ho
Illustrator Lee Gwang Su
Magazine Naver
Original run 2007

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