Hatsukoi no Tsuzuki

Or “The Continuation of my First Love”. It’s romance week!!! We didn’t have romance in a while, soo help yourselves to some slice of live loving 😉 I only found this as a randomly, and it doesn’t have many chapters yet. It’s a fangirls dream: A One-Shot-Series! *v*

Sorry guys, no action, no mystery, no comedy. Just pure romance, and so girly, it should ride on a pink unicorn. Basically, the title says it all: Each chapter is a one-shot, about a couple that has once been together, split up because of whatever reason, and now meets again, and continues their own little love story. So far, all with happy endings, so good for the heart.

The way those lovestories are continued are very different, always unique, and stay away with your realism, if that would really happen. Yes, it would, now STFU and lemme read.

All in all, sweet manga, doesn’t need more sparkles, is already good as it is. Some more adult stuff, but nothing worthy of an X-rating.

Recommended for hopeless romantics and those who want to be.

Hatsukoi no Tsuzuki – FACTS

by Oemuri Yuu

published in 2011

recommended for: Romantics. Noone else.

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