Death Parade

I. Loved. This.

I hope you will, too. Continue reading


Himouto! Umaru-Chan

Once upon a time, long long ago, one of the first reviews ever published on this blog was Watamote!, an anime about a nerdy girl tying to reach out and finally become popular.

This year, I’m taking you to the next level. This is no onger unpopular. This is Umaru-chan. Continue reading


I have not really given the ladies anythign to swoon over in a while, and with the temperatures going down ever so slowly, let’s have some warm thoughts. Continue reading


Re:ZERO – Starting Life in A new World

Remember the awesome story-telling of Higurashi? That all over again, but with less blood this time. Continue reading


Tokyo Ghoul:re

The follow up to Tokyo Ghoul which finally deals with what the hell Aogiri Tree is about. Continue reading



You’re a boy one day and the next you’re a girl fighting for your life! Continue reading


Sen-Ichiya DROP

Uwah, I’m LAAAAATEEEE!!! Mostly because I didn’t have a white rabbit with a pocket watch around me, but an adorable djinn which looks like an egg and… uh… But the main character is a stay-at-home like you and me and… uh… wanna talk about the plot first? Continue reading