Crazy Girl Shin Bia!

Oldie but goldie from Korea: Kick-ass chick gets teleported into an acient dimension, where she suddenly is the handsome prince’s wife. Sounds good? Great. What? Also sounds like an old story? Told ya it is!

Shin Bia can kick ass. She looks stunning, and is a martial arts pro. No matter where she goes, she’s the boss and master of her fate. And then a necklace drops on her head and the next day, when she’s pursued by a group of rowdies. When she jumps out of a window, because she’s Shin Bia, and would rather die than lose, she doesn’t land flat on a street, but splashes into a pretty lake, and gets picked up by a dark haired hottie on a horse, that sweeps her off her feet.

So this is a very strange situation, and begins very comical, but at some point it gets a bit annoying. All the characters are a bit too one-dimensional to be truly exceptional, but it’s enough for the story. We don’t need exceptional character depth to keep things going, and the plot fits the scene very well. It’s basically written like a dream, not always logical, but fitting. Everything matches perfectly, even though you can’t read this in one piece. It’s something I would put on my bedside table, just to read a chapter or 2 before falling asleep with sweet dreams.

Maybe not what the feminists among you will like too much, but come on, it’s sweet! Pretty dresses, and oh my God, even though that Yoo Baek is way too possessive, it still melts you to a puddle. (I am starting to get the feeling all you need to impress me is long black hair and a katana…)

Crazy Girl Shin Bia – FACTS

by Hwang, Mi Ri

published in 2008

For: romance lovers, those who liked Memoirs of a Geisha, an this cheesy korean stuff in general!

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