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The story starts off with Shion a naive young kid who can’t seem to guess that his ‘friend’ Safu seriously digs him.

They both live in the utopian world of No.6, a habitable area after the multiple wars have scarred the land. Shion is going about his daily duties as an elite student which consist of being dreamy, questioning his existence and being clever. Indeed, Shion is full of questions but because asking questions is not a wise thing to be doing in a perfect world, but usually, he keeps quiet.

Well almost quiet apart from his shouting sessions on the balcony, preferrably on stormy nights. Opening that window changes Shion’s fate forever, because an injured boy appears and threatens him with – a spoon . Apparently the boy called Nezumi is being chased by the authorities however Shion doesn’t give a flying hoot, this is a new experience for him. Just Shion and Nezumi alone in a bedroom together, you can see where things are going right?

Yup, Shion patches Nezumi right up like a pro. He harbors Nezumi for a short while whilst Nezumi plans his escape, they even hold hands together.

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Unfortunately (Noooo!) Nezumi is tracked to Shion’s house where he is living a wealthy lifestyle, Fortunately (Yay!) though Nezumi is already gone! Unfortunately (Dammit) Shion is stripped of his lifestyle because he has been a naughty boy and harbored a criminal. But of course in a perfect world you only get suspended from school and get a little bit of a smaller house for that kind of crime, and you know what? The questions are still racing through Shion’s mind.

The story pics up again a few years later, Shion, now working in a park and still oblivious to Safu, sees a familiar face in the crowd and that’s when you might want to take a look for yourselves.

Originally a light novel, No. 6 has been adapted into a manga series and an anime, of which the endings differ.

The manga has a very clear but atmospheric art style and is easy to follow. The images perfectly represent the pace of the plot and are a sight to behold.

The anime however has a very generic character style so don’t expect anything too different from the usual, but don’t get me wrong the environments created are absolutely beautiful.

The story throughout is filled with twists and turns which will make you sad and happy all the same. Also there are not many different

areas where each scene takes place, some of you might think that that is a bad thing but seriously it’s amazing! By keeping the amount of scenes to a minimum you get attached easily to these zones, this allows impact to be created throughout. Though we get pretty familiar with Nezumi’s bedroom ^^.

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What really bugged us though was character development in the anime, there just wasn’t enough time allocated to each sub-character compared to the manga a lot of feels were missed out on :(. Which brings us all promptly to Inukashi (the dog keeper) this character is a perfect example of what we are talking about, Inukashi spouts lines that make us almost believe that there is something more to this person but we never get that needed insight, so instead we were left wondering where the hell this character fitted in, if it were executed correctly i think we could of got a lot more out of that character, but instead we were left with something that felt unfinished and a little sad if I’m honest. Though but by no means does that mean that the story wasn’t fleshed out, if anything the story was deep and meaningful and left us in awe after it had finished.

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We recommend No. 6 for all of you who loved the Hitachin Brothers in Ouran High School Host Club and all the Yullen fangirls out there . We don’t recommend it if you feel homophobic. In that case, please just enjoy our first review on this blog!

No. 6 – Facts

by Atsuko Asano

Published 2011 (light novel 2003) by Kodansha, illustrated by Hinoki Kino, anime directed by Kenji Nagasaki

Age: 12+

Recommended for: Fans of the Hitachin Brothers.

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