Himouto! Umaru-Chan

Once upon a time, long long ago, one of the first reviews ever published on this blog was Watamote!, an anime about a nerdy girl tying to reach out and finally become popular.

This year, I’m taking you to the next level. This is no onger unpopular. This is Umaru-chan. Continue reading



I have not really given the ladies anythign to swoon over in a while, and with the temperatures going down ever so slowly, let’s have some warm thoughts. Continue reading


You’re a boy one day and the next you’re a girl fighting for your life! Continue reading


Sen-Ichiya DROP

Uwah, I’m LAAAAATEEEE!!! Mostly because I didn’t have a white rabbit with a pocket watch around me, but an adorable djinn which looks like an egg and… uh… But the main character is a stay-at-home like you and me and… uh… wanna talk about the plot first? Continue reading


Crazy Girl Shin Bia!

Oldie but goldie from Korea: Kick-ass chick gets teleported into an acient dimension, where she suddenly is the handsome prince’s wife. Sounds good? Great. What? Also sounds like an old story? Told ya it is! Continue reading


Fun Review: Lalala Demacia

Yayaya, I have been so busy watching stuff, I have to get my thoughts in order!! So long, I have something for the MOBA fans The League of Legends Fanseries: Lalala Demacia!!!! Continue reading


Samurai Champloo

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Moral of the story: Never ever destroy a restaurant! Continue reading