Date A Live

Never in my life have I played an Eroge, and I think, I might have missed out on something important. Because with things like they are, I am seriously afraid I might not be able to save the world from attacking aliens, without this crucial part of education.

In our world, after a “spacequake”, Shido goes to school and does all kinds of normal stuff like caring for his sister Kotori and worrying that she will not die in another spacequake, like a good brother does.

When one of these spacequakes (<- strangest word ever) endangers her, he rushes to where he suspects her to be, he gets abducted by a spaceship, which is commanded by Kotori, and now it’s becoming his job to seduce girl aliens and seal their powers. To make sure he does well, he gets put through a harsh eroge training, and has a transmitter to people who give him the words, when he talks with girls.

Yes, that is awkward. So awkward, it makes you cringe. Still, it has some kind of appeal. Maybe it’s the constant slapstick comedy undertone, maybe it’s Kurumi, who is possibly the most epic villain in a long time. What I don’t really like is Shido’s sheer helplessness and idealism, but oh well, I can bear with it. I don’t know if you can, though.

I would only recommend to genre fans. We follow the theme of: find alien girl – seduce –  friendzone all the time, and this strange love-square of whatever this is becomes a bit annoying from time to time. Just don’t expect much and you’ll be cool.

Date A Live – FACTS

by Koshi Tachibana, illustrated by Tsunako

Published 2011 in Dragon Magazine

Recommended for: people with no shame or genre fans.

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