Re:ZERO – Starting Life in A new World

Remember the awesome story-telling of Higurashi? That all over again, but with less blood this time.

Do you ever wish you could just dive into a fantasy world, where you’re immortal and can do as you please? Stop it right fucking there! Do you want to die…? more than once?

So Subaru is just on his way to the supermarket and…why is he talking to a cosplaying hottie right now? At first sight a lot of things here don’t really add up, and you constantly feel like you must have missed out on some panel.

You haven’t it’s just that Subaru conveniently forgot to mention that he is in some immortality loop: whenever he dies, he just… respawns. Jealous much, Kirito?

Whatever his mission is, it has something to do with Emilia, whose medallion got lost and now she just has to stick around with Subaru, who seems to not only be immortal, but attract danger at the speed of light. Lucky he has one light version of a yandere in Rem (who is coincidentally in the pic of my favourite nightcore mash-up of naughty naughty) and her twin Ram. So all we need is a real storyline to follow and I’m up for a quirky supernatural version of Higurashi!



Autor Tappei Nagatsuki
Illustrator Shin’ichirō Ōtsuka
Verlag Media Factory
Erstpublikation 20. April 2012 – …

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