Shintetsu no Agartha

So you have a really nasty break-up, and feel down a lot. Dr. Manga gave me a prescription over browsing the web for new series, so hiding under a blanket seemed like  purpose and not a pathetic hiding attempt. And what I dug up was more that satifying 😀

Getting used to being single again is pretty strange, suddnely BJ is shot for Ben&Jerry’s, my best friends by the way, and the one you usually share your fandom with is… well, gone.

But it has an upside, on my harddrive, somewhere in the dark corners, I still had my fangirl stash of anime crushes. Said and done, D.Gray-man DVD-Box, and starting to think that I want my own grumpy tsundere samurai. The end of D.Gray-man would have been a lot easier, if it hadn’t also meant the end of Yuu Kanda. And then Kicchomu stepped into my life 😀

 What a Hottie, right? 😀  Okay, so he ain’t exctly the main character, main character is Tenkou, who is suddenly ripped out of his normal life, because his village is attacked my Megane, demon-like monsters, that infect people to become Megane, too. Luckily he is saved by a group of travellers, who fight the Megane with special powers.

Tenkou gets invited, because he has his own special power, and together they search for the so called Agartha, relicts from a former civilization, from which they hope, they will get answers about their powers and their purpose.

Nothing out of the ordinary so far, but the 6 chapters so far are full of action, thick plot, and pretty cool charcters I would like to see more of.

Shintetsu no Agartha – FACTS

by Tokitou Kanade

Published in 2013

recommended for: People who like the supernatural, and dislike it fluffy, and Yuu Kanda Fangirls (look at the hair!!!!! *swoon*)

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