I saw the mask, and I thought: “F*ck, starting to read this at 1am was a bad decision.” Well, I got it finished at 3 am, I read like a maniac when my sleep isin danger.

So yeah wearing a strange mask without knowing when you put it on is a bad sign.

That’s how our protagonists wake up, with the strict order not to remove the animal masks on their heads. In this death game, the winner will be who is judged to be the one with the lightest guilt out of all the participants. The outcome is determined by themselves and soon enough they realize this is not just some stupid joke.

The amazing thing about Judge is, that it can completely run a story without paranormal or out of the ordinary occurances. Everything is possible, and that keeps the suspense up until the very end. We are left in the dark concerning the motives and the participants’ guilt until the very end, the solution in the end one I only ever found in that way before when reading Death Note.

The plot twists are brilliantly made, the atmosphere always tense and desperate. I recommend reading by daylight, if you want to actually put it aside before completely finishing it. Definitely one of those mangas that had me hooked from the start and didn’t let me off until the final page. We don’t have lengthy explanations, just the little piece we need to stay in. This is like one cliffhanger after the other, I highly recommend it.

Is there a trap? Let’s face it, endings are a troublesome thing, some of you might not like the solution at all. I, however, did like it, nice conclusion, but see for yourself.

Definitely recommended for fans of suspense. If you look for a suitable heir to Death Note, and can relinquish the supernatural component, this is your manga.

Judge – FACTS

by Tonogai Yoshiki

Published by Square Enix in 2010

Age: 16+

Recommended for: suspense-lovers, fans of Death Note & Doubt

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