Fun Review: Lalala Demacia

Yayaya, I have been so busy watching stuff, I have to get my thoughts in order!! So long, I have something for the MOBA fans The League of Legends Fanseries: Lalala Demacia!!!!

Normally I would review the plot now and tell you what i like about it, but this is totally PWP. You can jump in at any point, it’s goddamn hilarious.

tumblr_m4wic7rXri1qfigoho7_r2_1280Basically, we follow the Demacia three, Garen, Xin Zhao and Jarvan, in their battle with Noxus, and through the institute of war. You gotta be a little into LoL, to get all the jokes, but a lot of the humor is slapstick and plain stupid.


Truth be told, I didn’t like it much after S3, it took this new turn with a new spin (<- lol) and I don’t like that setting so much, but it’s a fun approach, so maybe if you don’t like S1, try S4.


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