Higurashi no Naku koro ni

Mindfuck? Mindfuck.  Continue reading


Sen-Ichiya DROP

Uwah, I’m LAAAAATEEEE!!! Mostly because I didn’t have a white rabbit with a pocket watch around me, but an adorable djinn which looks like an egg and… uh… But the main character is a stay-at-home like you and me and… uh… wanna talk about the plot first? Continue reading


Who would have thought? I’m back from the depth of despair I fell into, when Naruto came to an ending. Wow. This hit me harder than I thought, with losing an important part of my usual routine.

Talking about usual routine, I have a manga for you, with a disney-like plot about a girl breaking out of her routine for you. Now after my recent trip to the horror side of manga, I thought something less chilling would be good for your nerves. How about it? Continue reading


With the days getting shorter, why not have a vampire story? And since a whole lot of them is to come, let’s start it off classy with this one. I present a bishie-buffet of all types, with the classical korean overload of, bluntly put, everything. Make some oom on your harddrive, fangirl material incoming. Continue reading


If my sweetheart were to pick his favourite horror manga from the ones I read lately, this would be his number one, because he didn’t have to deal with clingy “omg this is scary!!!” while simultaneously being pushed off because “I’m reading manga!!!” I survive this one mighty fine, and he could play League in peace, hence: ideal horror manga! Continue reading