Himouto! Umaru-Chan

Once upon a time, long long ago, one of the first reviews ever published on this blog was Watamote!, an anime about a nerdy girl tying to reach out and finally become popular.

This year, I’m taking you to the next level. This is no onger unpopular. This is Umaru-chan.While Watamote! was it’s own kind of cringy, Himouto! comes from the opposite corner:

Umaru is the super popular girl in highschool, but deep down inside she’s the gamer girl you’d like to be, much to the dismay of her older brother Taihei. He loves her nevertheless.

Normally I’d talk about the plot at this point, but you may enter PwP here. There’s no bigger picture to it than watching Umaru do her thing. While it’s awkward at times, it could never compare to the cringe that is Tomoko’s social anxiety and that’s good.

Umaru and her brother, their interactions and ways with each other are refreshingly normal, and their well placed quirks make them so very human.

I cannot say the storyline is captivating or anything, but dear me, it’s entertaining. No, this ain’t Tolstoi, but that’s totally fine. Just how it is totally fine, that Umaru takes her brothers liking to video games and arcades to a whole new level, it’s even adorable and heartwarming at times.

Recommended for in-between use, when you need that one episode to clear your head before you go to sleep or between 2 study sessions or even just some background noise.

Highlight is definitely the artistic switching between styles to bring out all the facets of Umaru and Taihei, or any character for tht matter.

Written by Sankaku Head
Published by Shueisha
Magazine Weekly Young Jump

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