Death Parade

I. Loved. This.

I hope you will, too.

I remember quite well, that I was watching an AMV when I first saw this anime, and it was the art style that drew me in. Pretty refined and very classy, but somehow, just somehow, it didn’t come with the doll-ish athmosphere of that kind of style.

So when I decided that it was now or never, I was greeted with the most amazing intro I may have heard on an anime in a while. It’s not amazing or breathtaking. It’s incredibly fun.

And then the episode starts, and I do not want to take away too much from you, but as the name suggests, this does have a dark theme. Putting that into a bar was probably the coolest thing the author could’ve done.

So whilst we deal with deepest human emotions, we are in this very sophisticated set-up, and what feels surreal at first quickly becomes captivating. Someone in the comment section put it this way: “The intro only builds you up so the soul can crush you with it’s plot later”, and it’s this kind of ride that makes the unique charm of Death Parade.

Death Parade’s amazement is for everybody, yet I cannot pin-point the exact target audience, and maybe it doesn’t have one, maybe it just invites you to have a seat and watch the show, and then decide for yourself. It’s a solid 12 episodes, so it will not take too much out of you, and it concludes following through with it’s internal logic to the very end.

So, putting this in the Mystery section, I will leave it to you to find out if this show makes your top 10 best anime ever, or not.

Directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa
Written by Yuzuru Tachikawa
Music by Yuki Hayashi
Studio Madhouse

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