Tokyo Ghoul:re

The follow up to Tokyo Ghoul which finally deals with what the hell Aogiri Tree is about.

So remember where Tokyo Ghoul ended? That sewer pipe, where Kaneki gets stabbed by Arima and we’re all like: what now?! There was only one way to solve this:

Timeskip! Follow a person who kinda looks like Kaneki – but isn’t- trying to babysit a bunch of CCG-newbies. You heard right, we’re on the CCG’s side now. This time, we’re hunting ghouls.

I cannot say it’s a bad change, it changes up the game quite heavily though. I will be honest with you, getting into this is not the easiest part, because we left from some juicy action, and now we’re… in a routine? It’s good for setting a new pace an intorducing new characters, but it surely is a deep cut and will throw you off guard.

That being said, I enjoyed reading :re even more than Tokyo Ghoul, because once this baby takes up speed, there are no more brakes on the hype train. An the thing that happen hit you. Hard. Like a birck to the face. Attached to a metal rod. Resonating through all 4 chambers of your heart.

If you put this aside after a few chapters, please, pretty please, pick it back up, that’s a little gem there and you have to watch it as it becomes something pretty. I promise it is entirely worth the struggle.

What already started as a well layered story with developed multi-dimensional chracters is now like a spider’s web, and every turn will be both, amazing and brutal at the same time. Definitely my highlight of the week for it’s running time.

If you have a weak stomach, and cannot see anything in a series that makes a point of habitual cannibalism, don’t let me convince you into reading this. All the gore-and-psycho lovers like me: they update on saturdays.

Released: Author(s): Published:
2014 Ishida Sui Shueisha



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