You’re a boy one day and the next you’re a girl fighting for your life!Kampfer is one of those anime that doesn’t particularly suit your interest of genre but you love it all the same, for me it’s kampfer. Senou Natsuru is just a normal guy wandering through life, has a crush on the school beauty and is generally your everyday guy(apart from his blue hair, but this is anime!) then one day he has a dream about a ‘contract bracelet’ which defines him as a new kampfer (a battle girl essentially :D) he wakes up with this thing on his arm and also has a larger chest…hair is longer…and is wearing panties. Yes Senou has turned into a girl!

The plot is easy to follow and fun to keep up with, there are tons of twists and turns along the way. Additionally you have hilarious scenes of violence awkward love confessions in Senou’s new girly state. The majority of the story consists of Senou getting to grips with becoming a Kampfer, also it comprises of his struggles at becoming a girl which i will tell you now had me rolling around in laughter. The only problems you might find with it are that it is a 24 episode plot trying to fit into 12 episodes which can leave the story a little choppy here and there, but you gotta make do with what you get, right?

This series is still ongoing and comes in manga, anime and light novel format. It’s not one of the overhyped franchises, and probably wouldn’t hold up against a larger audience. HOWEVER if AMP says he’s been cracking up over it, it’s gotta have a good reason. To me, it feels like a Ranma/Sailor Moon mash-up…? So the only reason you might dislike it for would be if you really need something new and cannot forgive anyone for re-using old ideas. All in all, 3 stars!

Written by Toshihiko Tsukiji
Illustrated by Senmu
Published by Media Factory (2006-2011, partly ongoing)

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