Sen-Ichiya DROP

Uwah, I’m LAAAAATEEEE!!! Mostly because I didn’t have a white rabbit with a pocket watch around me, but an adorable djinn which looks like an egg and… uh… But the main character is a stay-at-home like you and me and… uh… wanna talk about the plot first?

So, Nadir, our main character has 2 siblings, that he wants to support by finding a respectabe job at a library, because he is weak to sunlight. Because, that’s norma when you live in, you know, the desert. Or not. His little sister however is a real cutie, and the middle brother is seldom at home anyways. As he goes to the city to apply for a job he accidentally stumbles into a gang of thieves, and since main characters have this talent to get out of that kinda situation with a bang, he coincidentally unleashes a djinn from a bottle.

The setting is quite different from most of the stuff I recently read and was a great change. It has the same appeal as Magi to it, but lives from the dynamic, that Nadirs little bro belongs to the same gang of thieves he beat in the very beginning and the ensuing conflicts. But there’s not much adventure to it, it’s actually a family story with some friendly ghosts involved.

I do not see this pan out in the long run, because the potential for climaxes is pretty low at the moment. It lacks a decisive plot line and a superior goal to achieve. But we have a villain, so maybe we can get something out of it, and form a real story arc from chapter 6 onward.

There isn’t a real reason so far, why you should read this manga, but there also isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t. If you came here because you want a few more pages to read, now that Naruto is over, go ahead. It ain’t a waste of time, it’s a fun 5 chapters so far, with some really funny moments. Rate 3/5, nice one.


Sen-Ichi-ya DROP – FACTS

by Igarashi Gan
Published 2013 by Ichijinsha

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