Who would have thought? I’m back from the depth of despair I fell into, when Naruto came to an ending. Wow. This hit me harder than I thought, with losing an important part of my usual routine.

Talking about usual routine, I have a manga for you, with a disney-like plot about a girl breaking out of her routine for you. Now after my recent trip to the horror side of manga, I thought something less chilling would be good for your nerves. How about it?

Dear starts off with Chiruha. She is a moe girl, who decided she is now finally old enough to meet the people she has been avoiding so far. As a matter of fact, she is a lycanthrope, and well aware that she is not like other humans, but solitude and nothing but TV all day draw her out. And of course, her first adventure occurs right after that.

In the continuation, we get introduced to a bunch of characters, who all have a special bond they share. As fate unfolds, they all hope to make the best out of it, and protect their loved ones, be they human or demon.

As I said, it’s a ot like a Disney movie. The themes, the motivations, it all has this innocent vibe to it, but that is a huge part of why I liked this manga so much. Never is it any overly ambitious with its goals, it is kept very pure. The relationships between the characters are all rather innocent, but it does not come across as prudent or naive, all in all the development of the story seems very natural and well paced.

Even though it sounds a lot like a children’s manga, the artwork is far from childish, even rather refined and more than suited for a more mature audience.

In the end, it is nothing out of the ordinary, that leaves you breathless or swooning. It is a story, and it lives off that atmosphere, that is so hard to describe. The time you have reading is very pleasant, as if taking you on a journey. It’s rather a read for inbetween, or like Crazy Girl Shin Bia a manga you keep on your nightstand for those evening when you can’t calm down just yet.

I can recommend it to anyone, who just wants to pass some time, or likes to get ost in that reading and daydreaming mood. Probably not the next high you’re chasing for.


Written by Cocoa Fujiwara
Published by Square Enix


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