I know, for a lot of you, spiders or bugs in general are horror, but I promise, this is NOT a horror manga. It’s probably the coolest assassin action manga I’ve read so far.

Alice’ life takes a turn when he uncle is murdered right in front of her eyes, and the killer now turns to her. Suddenly her survival instinct (or rather some super concentration mental disorder) kicks in and she must leave quite an impression on the guy for him to take her under his wing instead of killing her in a second blow.

Most of us would be repulsed by the idea of living with your uncle’s murderer, but seen as said uncle had just tried to rape her and was rather abusive in general, living with an assassin seems to be the smaller evil. And damn, is she good at it.

So begins her journey to become some future Mrs. Smith, meeting tons of damn smooth enemy assassins

This manga is super fun and, for the interested one, a quick course in “the hunting life of bugs”. As I said, for the intereted ones, the rest of us will maybe skip it. What’s super cool are the fighting scenes, that are drawn in a pretty cool fashion and always have this Neji-vs-Kidomaru charm of not only spinning blades and flying bulltes, but tactical plannig and cunning plot twists.

Greatly recommended to all of you who nee their daily dose of action and can handle many many bug drawings! For all of you who find out they love it and want more: The spin-off series Caterpillar is already out in the open!






Original Publisher

(thanks to Baka-Updtes for the info!)

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