Next up in my autum recommendation rush is Uzumaki, another horror manga from the master Junji Ito. It might be appropriate to give a warning before reading this is totally f*cked up and the design might give you a lingering headache.

Okay, so this manga is completly about spirals. Swirls. Uzumakis. Whirls. And yes. That makes it creepy as f*ck.

The story is narrated from Kiries point of view, who tells us about the creepy stuff that has happene in her hometown. It all starts when her boyfriend father starts a strange obsession with – you guessed right- spirals. (Okay, is anybody else here creeped out with those anyways? Thanks for giving me nightmares!!!) It’s all just super strange and the boyfriend seems to be the only one with enough sense to consider leaving this freaktown.

So when his father commits suicide by BECOMING a spiral (ohhhh yes, there is an explicit drawing of that) and EVEN THE SMOKE from his cremacy becomes a spiral, all of us would already have packed their things and left on the nope train to their happy place. But this is only chapter4 or 5, and the really mindblowing stuff is still to happen, but you already have a headache from staring at spirals that are literally EVERYWHERE.

The amount of freakshow happening from now on can only be accurately described by the illustrations in the manga themselves, and god, this must have been some true art because I am still so freaked out, that it just HAS to be done right.

The whole manga is like living a surreal nightmare, in which you kinda know it’s a dream but cant stop the wicked stuff from happening and it gets more gross by the panel.

If you are halfway through and think about abandoning this, noone will judge you, because the end isn’t really worth enduring for it, though again: It fits perfectly in a super grotesque way. If I had to sum this maga up in one word, I guess that would be it: grotesque. Like creepy clowns, disfigured marionettes or f*cking spirals.

Rea with caution, this approaches you so harmlessly, it doesn’t hit you in the face but stabs you from the back, so for the gentle minds, look for the next review, and for those who look for a new kind of horror, take your time for 20 chapters of WTF.



Written by Junji Ito
Published by Shogakukan

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