If my sweetheart were to pick his favourite horror manga from the ones I read lately, this would be his number one, because he didn’t have to deal with clingy “omg this is scary!!!” while simultaneously being pushed off because “I’m reading manga!!!” I survive this one mighty fine, and he could play League in peace, hence: ideal horror manga!

A naked man, covered in blood, climbs out of the sewers, attacks a passenger, and dies from being pushed over. So long for the first 10 pages. The police is not overly thrilled with the case, because who wouldn’t run from a naked stranger attacking you and spitting blood on you, and who would actually die from being pushed over (at least outside of a manga…) it seems like quite the unfortunate routine case, until the autopsy pulls a worm from the man’s eye.

Okay, yes, that is pretty gross. And since it might be infectuous, we try find the victim and take care of the matter swiftly… and know you know where this is going. Of course things get out of hand, and when they learn just HOW the victim actually got INTO that sewer and how it got those worms, this manga picks up speed and is interesting on every page.

I could totally imagine this as a saturday night movie, with all the stuff going down (I don’t know if there is a movie, but if there isn’t PLEASE MAKE IT!!!!)

I like it when the police guys aren’t total retards, and just act up a bit now and then, and the chase we have here is so damn nice, I will not waste any more words on this than: if you’re above the age of 16 and looking for some good suspense: this is it!


Author Tsutsui Tetsuya
Publisher Square Enix

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