Corpse Party: Blood Covered

With summer coming to an end and autumn upon us, it’s the perfect time to bring you a fine selection of mystery and action manga, to pass those rainy days, and we’re starting it off with Corpse Party!

After a traditional school festival, the class is still left to clean up the mess they made, when they start telling horror stories to pass time. With the evening drawing to a close, one of them pulls out a lucky charm, that is meant to keep them as friends forever: the happy Sachiko charm. After the incantation, a sudden earthquake takes place and when the students wake up, they find themselves not in their school but Tenjin Elementary, the school that was taken down before their new school was built. Trapped in seperate dimensions, they now are to figure out not only the mystery of Tenjin Elementary, but also a way to get back home alive.

This was one of the mangas I started expecting something like HOTD, but turned out to be more thrilling than I intended. Yes, you can rush this entire manga in a day, and if you liked it, there is also the game this is based on and 3 other mangas!!!!!

If there’s anything to say about this story, it’s that it was a lot of sick plot twist and damn I liked them. Also, the suspense isn’t too drawn out artificially, so I didn’t get annoyed with my usual: “WHY THE §%&$ ARE YOU NOT…..!!!!”. The story is set up clearly and well, and at all times totally readable. I advise you to read either at daytime or with someone to cling to, while hiding the panels rom your face (thanks honey!!! <3)

I’m pretty sure anyone who likes a good supernatural ghost story will thoroughly enjoy this. I haven’t found any fluff so far, but I don’t think this manga needs it. Blood, gore, oh yeah, maybe you should be above the age of 16 to read this!



Written by Makoto Kedōin
Illustrated by Toshimi Shinomiya
Published by Square Enix

^taken from wikipedia

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