Owari no Seraph

It’s been a while since I found this, so a review is really in order. Since Twilight, the Vampire genre had taken quite a step away from the Hellsing days, much to my dismay. But this is of the good old human vs. vampire plots, with some nice sword action.

Yuichiro and Mika are two young boys from an orphanage, that serves the purpose of providing livestock for the vampires living on this earth. They get paid for giving their blood, and other favours, which is how Mika gets into possession of a map. They form an escape plan, to take out all of the other orphans, but run into a trap set by a vampire.

Yuichiro makes it out, and now wants revenge for what happened to the ones he called family. And to get that, he joins the armed forces, to fight at the frontlines.

Owari no Seraph is pretty cool I have to say. Lots of fighting, awesome demon wepons, I missed that in a series since Soul Eater ended. The protagonist is somewhere between Naruto and Nezumi, quite an interesting combo. We don’t have the loveable idiot, or the absolute rookie, we get a fully fledged fighter from the very beginning. And the cool thing is, you don’t have to like him. You just have to be interested enough in what he does.

The loveable characters appear soon enough, and make this a diamond in the rough, so I look forward to how this develops.


Owari no Seraph – FACTS

by Daisuke Furuyua, Kagami Takaya, Yamamoto Yamato,

Published in 2012

Recommended for: people who like stylish vampire bad guys that don’t sparkle, and narrow-minded swordmasters.

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