Sorry for the delay guys, been going through a rough spot: Tokyo Ravens

I don’t think that every review should have a tagline 😛

So just a quick update It’s just me Amp-des running this thing now, sorry about taking forever to getting round to making new posts ^^ I’ll be posting every Sunday as usual and I will be doing a monthly recap of reviews and future anticipation’s in the form of a podcast. I look forward to it, wish me luck guys! And gals ;).
Without further ado onto the anime at hand, Tokyo ravens! Originally a light novel this anime stands at a modest helping of 24 episodes, which I personally loved because the producers actually considered that it would take more than 12 episodes to flesh out this amazing start to Tokyo ravens. However the anime catches quite far up to the novel so don’t expect a season 2 any time soon, sad face 😦 that reminds me haha, I will be implementing drawings into these reviews too from next review onwards! :D.

Onto the characters, damn these are each interesting characters in their own right, however I do have some issues. Harutora the protagonist is a rather oblivious at times, now call me out and say ‘but that just adds to his personality’ ok I can agree with this 😉 for instance a character who doesn’t realise someone is in love with him can be funny, but Harutora’s ignorance becomes plain annoying, I won’t going into details. But don’t worry my friends it doesn’t harm the story in anyway and is most likely me trying to find something wrong with Tokyo ravens haha. The other characters are all complex and their actions in the present can all be related to those in the present. Don’t believe me? Watch it again :D.

The soundtrack is pure awesome at times and then pure ‘what?’ At other times I was very conflicted with how to decide if it was good or not, i’d say it was somewhere in between. Don’t get me wrong! All the music is beautifully crafted but just in odd places sometimes. The openers and closers were a fresh experience for me, not many times do I listen to an opener each time through and through. It was great :).

The story I can’t really touch upon without giving something away, but It’s incredibly deep and complex. Was something I was pleased and wonderfully impressed with.

Give it a try, I’m asking sincerely as I’d love others to give this gem I stumbled upon.

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