Samurai Champloo

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Moral of the story: Never ever destroy a restaurant!

Not only because everyone gets hungry and therefore pissed. In the worst case, the restaurant keeper is just like Fuu, and makes you compensate: by hiring you as her bodyguard!

What would a restaurant keeper need a bodyguard for? Well, Fuu has her mind set on something. A guy to be precise. And she has a precise description: He smells like Sunflowers! Pretty specific, huh?

Anyone would tell her to go look on her own then, and that’s exactly, what Mugen and Jin decide to tell her. But in Fuu’s case, no means yes, and the two samurai have to find the sunflower guy, before they are allowed to do what they really want: kill each other.

Everyone might have already figured, here lies the comic relief. And my, you will get it! As cute as Fuu is and as badass Jin and Mugen cut their way through opponents and alchemistic mysteries, those characters stumble from one joke to the next.

So how do you draw a samurai story, without drowning in details and blurring the fight scenes? Have a look and learn, because the balance between details and clarity, action and calm, is perfect. A very fine piece of art, that I’m sure you will appreciate as much as I do.

Have you been looking for a samurai story, that uses the basics, and no extraterrestrial powers? Then get Samurai Champloo on and enjoy the show. It’s nothing like a Bleach story, where our protagonists evolve chapter by chapter, we follow the same 3 characters through a challenge. Nothing more nothing less. A down-to-earth action manga, that has everything you need to stay entertained.

Samurai Champloo – FACTS

by Takashi Kochiyama, Takatoshi Hamano, Tetsuro Satomi

Published in 2006 after an idea of Shin’ichirō Watanabe.

Age: 16+

Recommended for: Everyone who wants a “realistic” samurai manga.

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