Magical Warfare

Is this ‘Unique genre’ all that it’s cracked up to be?


Magical Warfare, an anime about the usual unsuspecting kid who gets dragged into the world of magic. Our main character Nanase is also stereotypically special in this world but I won’t say too much. All in all and I am not going to lie a very cliche anime. Honestly I don’t know what i expected from an uncreative name like ‘Magical Warfare”.

All in all this is an entertaining anime, the visuals are nice and definitely make you feel like you are experiencing a world of wonderment. Sometimes the fights are carefully thought out but other than that it is usually a case of who has stronger magic than the other. Another thing that particularly frustrated me was how long the fights were, so short! And even in cases where the fights could have been longer and more epic (Washizu Vs the Director) They were artificially made shorter through silly if not quite cool magical abilities – sure they are cool guys but they dampened the fun!

Now on to the story. Now then, who else here thought that this could have been amazing in the first 3 episodes? I know I did, it had all the right paths that it could have taken to become one of the epics (disregarding the un-epic name) Unfortunately the story was jumpy, had no real direction other than the blatant end of the world (don’t worry that’s not much of a spoiler) stories that could have really been looked into more and become so substantial were just flat out ignored for romance and conversation; they should of called it ‘Magical Discussion’ #shots fired.

I think the only reason I watched this anime to the end is because the character are so easy to attach too, and the fact it’s about magic! which on a bias I really do love magic haha.  In the end, I must admit that the anime has a lot to offer. I can’t slate it too much because I loved so much about it and even though most of the plot twists and turns were predictable they kept on being exciting. The combat system was well thought out and needs a little refining. And perhaps the story needs a little bit of love and attention however other than that I am happy I stuck on for the ride. I’ve previously watched many other greats so maybe I have overshadowed it a little and I have not given it the recognition it deserves.

So to round off, give it a watch it’s fun and exciting and will pass the time nicely if you don’t try to look to hard into the details.

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