Naruto in the Dark Ages, anyone?

Okay, maybe not exactly Naruto, but the basics are the same: young orphan boy is being raised to become the hero, and wants to be promoted to a Temple Knight. So far the similarities, what is different is the setting, we are in a dark ages kind of mode, with a crusader-touch. All revolves around a church, at who’s top we find the Holy Maiden, an angel like being.

Murray and his friend have always wanted to become Temple Knights, and it is their only goal in life. Now they get their chance, when a troop has two spots open. On their first night on patrol, they get the shock of their lives, when they are attacked by a demon, and forced to think about th beliefs they have brought up with.

Without many chapters out, I can only give a prognosis. This might rather be something for genre-fans, though I will gladly let this manga prove me wrong, and update you here on how this develops.

So far I like the step-by-step introduction to the setting, you don’t get lost and wonder WTF is going on. So, BIG plus there. On the contra side: I feel like I read this before. No offense, but the setting is very common, and expecting something new here is most likely getting my hopes up. However, if this blows my mind, you will know here.

I can wholeheartedly recommend it to the fantasy fans, who like heroes with swords and dark age mysteries. If that sounds like a plan, get started. If you don’t really get what’s so cool about knights and demons, just skip to the next review.

InGrid – FACTS

by Sakamaki Yukisato

Published by Ichijinsha in 2011

Age: 12+

Recommended for: genre fans

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