The Breaker review

Breaking rules that have been set in stone for a lifetime is easier than it looks…

The Breaker, oh you amazing manga. Wait I’m not allowed to be biased am I? well what I mean to say that after thorough inspection and multiple reviews by myself and Myra we have decided that The Breaker is without a doubt epic when it comes to martial arts manga. This is a Korean manga but the same read from right to left here applies (which is fortunate because once i got to the 50th chapter Myra told me I was reading it the wrong way round #heart attack, but all’s well ends well seen as the Japanese reading style works here too). I will start by saying that our main character Shi-Woon is one of the most badass protagonists I have ever had the grace to read along with. No he isn’t strong and no he also doesn’t come out with cliche one liners before blowing their brains out with a shotgun (lol Terminator reference…yeah sorry I’ll leave) but what he does have is wonderful pacing, the shift this character makes isn’t explicit it’s slow and beautifully done, i won’t spoil too much but I’ll say that somewhere along the way you will think to yourself “This guy has changed” and that my friends is an awesome feeling.

the plotline is rather linear yet so very engaging, which evidently is all you need when it comes to creating a great manga. There is however a lot to learn about the fighting system, but you’ll soon get used to that just in the same way that most know the way chakra works in Naruto off the back of your hands. the fight scenes are just stunning to say the least, it’s almost as if you can hear the action. Mhmm I love it I love it I love it. New characters are introduced fluidly and before you know it you are used to a whole network of different people. Now I really want that the character are not 3 dimensional because everything can’t be great can it? Well I’m sorry to give you the bad news (or good news, however you interpret it hehe) that in fact all the characters are 3 dimensional and are fleshed out so nicely! Each has their own back story as well usually.

So to be perfectly honest go and read it, the breaker New waves in the second arc so you are just looking for the plain old the breaker :).

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