Underemployed God of war looking for a weapon.

If you have to advertise as a God, things obviously are not going well. If you have to advertise in the toilets of a public school, things are definitely going really bad. And if your weapon quits, well, you’re royally screwed.

So, Yato is not exactly cool with how things are going, but trying really hard to get followers and crowd-funders the old-school way, without Twitter or Facebook, but his number written on walls and flyers.  His big goal: Having his own temple!

While he progresses slowly, he does at least acquire a new follower, Hiyori. Not really voluntarily, since Hiyori, after being saved by Yato, takes on a habit of frequently leaving behind her body and moving around in spirit form, a conditions she wished Yato to fix. And there is a reason Yato is not so popular…

Brilliant fun, cool story, great characters, nothing to say, but: go for it.

I really like the idea behind it, there are no boring lengths, the arcs are quite short, but therefore have a fun pace. It’s lovely and full of action at the same time, a prime example of a shojo. Even Yato’s “antagonists” are interesting from the first appearance they make, and in 14 chapters, there isn’t one “can we get back to …?” moment.

So far, I don’t have any negative points, I can only imagine it a bad choice for those who already disliked Soul Eater, and who want one clear plot except for a multiple-layer story.

Noragami – FACTS

by Adachitoka

Published by Kodansha, 2011. Anime by Bones, 2014.

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