Nanomiya Ai, author of Are you Alice, brings us a new manga, that still messes with you head, but now is music to your ears.

A girl, lost in some part of town, a quiet hero to the rescue – yeah, we already knew this wasn’t the happy ending but the start of the trouble. Upon saving Petrauchka, we learn that she is a living music box, and a special one at that: an Axe model, one that doesn’t even play.

Strange enough for Rentarou to stay interested, and investigate on the case of Petrauchka’s lack of musical ability.

So far so good, and as we already know from “Are you Alice?” Nanomiya Ai has a way of screwing with our mind and throwing us into a new world without warning or further explanations. getting around to Zyklus:CODE is once again a challenge, but worth the effort, because, god damn it, the artwork is once again beautiful like a symphony. Also the idea is something original I haven’t seen before, so I don’t mind the strange set-up.

The constant humor gives the complex story a light atmosphere and the way the panels are structured has a lovely storytelling. Only downer once again the very strange stage this is playing on, and the very special fanservice. It’s overboard for my taste, but maybe you don’t blush while reading this and enjoy it a lot more.

Definitely a must for Are you Alice? fans, and those who want to be. Not exactly made for concert pianists, but for those who like a little supernatural action paired with lovely girls.

One thought on “Zyklus:CODE

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