Yes, this is a gardening manga.

Why would I read a manga about gardening? Well, I guess boredom was a main reason. But!!! you kind of grow attached to it.

So here’s the deal: In this place, grains and seeds have the worth of a currency. The more talented you are with them, the more money you can make and plant very rare and precious seeds. But most of those are restricted, so if the government finds out, you’re screwed.

Lucas is pretty decent with seeds, and wants to become an official grainelier, which is a job with good reputation, but here and there a few things go wrong and he ends up running from home after having swallowed a particularly rare seed that may or may not mess with his body in the end.

Should we stay tuned to find out? Actually… yes. Yes you should. I know, 5 chapters don’t give much away but this is something so out of the ordinary and so adorable, you just have to give it a chance. Lucas is actually a nice guy who doesn’t get on your nerves too much. It’s a manga with a little action, some mystery and in general a calm storytelling.

Pros, definitely is that a gardening manga is something I’ve never read before, con is, well, gardening.

I don’t really know who will enjoy this, It’s just nothing for those that need blasting action and plot, plot, plot. It’s for the people, who read to enjoy. Everyone who thinks: “the hell?” or “how’s that supposed to work?” I can just recommend: read it! Seriously, do, you will know soon enough if you want to continue it, 5 chapters will form your opinion. I can only tell you to give it a chance, it really pays off.

Graineliers – FACTS

by Takarai Rihiro

Published in 2013 by Square Enix

Recommended for: everyone, except they need their manga to progress fast. And it’s a treat for all the closet-Finnians^^

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