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Bringing you the godmother of all vampire-manga that hits you like a sanctified silver-bullet.

The beginning is nothing out of the ordinary: A vampire terrorizes a small town and the authorities are helpless, until the hero arrives to save the day. Now what’s new is, that we have one single police woman that simply doesn’t want to die, not even to the stubborn vampire. So Alucard, hero of the story and a vampire himself, decides to enter the stage and while he’s kicking some ass decides, that our sweet little police woman might make a good vampire herself.

Said and done, Seras now is also part of Hellsing, a mysterious protestant organization and an eyesore to the Vatican, that hunts own all sorts of supernatural creatures, mainly consisting of herself and Alucard, led by boss-like Integra.

Both, manga and anime are what they promise to be: dark and bloody.

The anime provides an abundance of spine chilling moments, it captures some of the more scary facial expressions Alucard can make and really makes the experience all that more terrifying at times. All in all the animations aren’t necessary to make it an absolutely stunning adaption to an anime, but the fact that they are done so well made me decide that this anime is definitely worth a watch, whether you have read the manga or not. The fight scenes are glorious to say the least, made even more so by the chilling stereotypical vampire orchestra in the background. There are some scenes where I actually do believe animation is required to accentuate Alucard’s demonic presence however the manga does a good job at really showing that shine through with the better artistry provided…and all that extra blood. Voice acting is superb and the Japanese voice actors employed do a splendid job of adding to the atmosphere with the not cheesy and really cool voice over, once you hear Alucard you’ll know what I mean. So read the manga and watch the anime for that extra effect, I promise you, It’s amazing.

The plot is an epic one, and there are many twists and turns you’ll have to face as you watch, It’s enjoyable though i can tell you that now. Even though I’m so fixated on how the anime deals with the action. Yet the manga is much further ahead, so it is probably best to read that first then enjoy the action you loved in the manga in full animation in the anime.

Such a good story and well dealt with action and context makes this one of the best Anime and Manga of the twentieth century, I implore you to get out there and give it a go, well what are you waiting for? Ah yes I forgot the facts haha.


Written by Kouta Hirano

Published by Shonen Gahosha

Anime written by Chiaki J. Konaka

Anime directed by Umanosuke Iida

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