Nobunaga the fool

Another historical anime…or is it?

Hey all, welcome to another late night review, I’m up because of…reasons. Today I’m taking a look at Nobunaga the fool there appears to be a lot of anime about Nobunaga recently, sup with that? Taking a closer look at this specific anime we see that it deals with historical figures, wait for it, drum roll please…in the future! Mind blown. It’s actually rather well done so let’s take a closer look.

We have the two planets or ‘Stars’ as they call them we have the star of the west (representing the western world, including all the westernized historical figureheads) and the star of the east (representing the eastern world and their figureheads, ya get the picture) quite an interesting plot device I must say.

Nobunaga our main character stumbles upon a Mecha (seriously guys this anime has it all) I’m not going to spoil much more but he’s tasked with uhm what is it usually?: ah yes saving the damn world, but Woah there cowboy there are two worlds! Instead he is tasked by uniting the two stars or so I have discerned (get it? Because you discern star signs and the planets are called stars? I’ll see myself out)

The entire anime is very complex yet the narrative and discourse does a stellar job at explaining the devices and other happenings in this fantasy world. So +1 for not being boring!

Ah we are 6 episodes in and my heart has already cramped up twice, hear me out guys the wheels on the feels train go sad, sad, sad…enough about the sadness what I really what to talk about is how dynamic the characters are, all of them have vivid and visible personalities so make the anime a lot more awesome when you actually look forward to seeing another characters side of the story.

My honest opinions: not much has happened! I really hope the main plot picks up and starts explaining things soon. Nobunaga’s personality is a little too dynamic sometimes (even to the extent where he doesn’t seem like the same character)

Well that’s me Amp peacing out, I thank ye who have got this far and I thoroughly recommend this anime, especially to anyone who like big robot fights and swords! If you liked Break Blade you’ll love this.

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