New anime January 2014

Amp here doing something a little different from our usual reviews, why am I up at 1 o clock in the morning you may ask, well the truth is I’m scared of Myra’s wrath if I don’t get this out on time 😀 onto what I have in store for you, if you haven’t read the title I suggest you go read it. On with the impressions.

Magical Warfare
This has some serious potential but then again could just be another teen love filled anime that falls flat on It’s face. For starters I absolutely love love love the battle system in this anime, not your usual silly ‘oh no sir you’re not permitted to use magic that could destroy the world’ magic, because we have that sh*t in this anime right here, check it out just for this if you want to give it a go. Our protagonist Takeshi isn’t a ridiculously flawed bafoon! Another plus for this anime, It’s doing well so far isn’t it. Yep our main character is surrounded in mystery and I like it, his general personality traits are pleasing and that just makes me want to know more about his dark hinted at past. The supporting roles are all 3D and we have already seen some backstory in the little amount of 4 episodes that have been released. Verdict – check this out! I’m not sure where It’s going to go next either uphill or downhill. But you’ll thank me if It turns out to be awesome.

No idea if I spelt that right but if I did – high five, I’ll be honest here and say I usually don’t like female protagonists in action anime, don’t get me wrong I’m not sexist, It’s mainly because their characters are so stereotypically flawed. However the main character we are presented with here is quirky, exciting, cute and at times ruthlessly terrifying (kind of like my girlfriend) we are given all sorts of information about the people called E-gene holders, essentially people of the modern day infused with the genes of famous people in history and of course they are all given weapons to represent them. Now then we have our weaponized E-gene holders now we need an enemy. The evolutionary invasion objects, they come and take over planets, naturally I know. It’s up to Nobunagun to stop ’em. I think this anime has the most awesomely original plot in a long time, coupled with some amazing fight scenes you got yourself a good anime. Verdict – must watch.

lately my sister is unusual
Work in progress
nobunaga the fool
also work in progress, yes I love Nobunaga.
Z/X ignition
Don’t think I’ll like this one but will update you on my thoughts ASAP!

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