Soul Eater

Soul Eater Recommended

The very first manga I ever picked ended last year, so here is a little tribute to a great show

Soul Eater is a weapon that spends most of its time running around as quite a cool boy on DWMA (Death Weapon Meister Academy). Since Soul is the weapon, he is paired with Maka Albarn, who’s the meister. Together, they try to turn Soul into a Death Scythe. Therefore, they have to collect 99 bad souls and 1 witch soul. It’s easier said than done and along their way we also follow 2 other weapon/meister combos: Black Star and Tsubaki and Death the Kid, Liz and Patty who have the same goal.

A little further down the road we meet the Kishin Asura, who plays the final boss and a few really well concepted antagonists, which I probably liked a little too much. Undisputed highlight of the series has to be Excalibur, which you will agree to, once you met this jolly old fellow.

The setting is Death City, which could be the hometown of Tim Burton and the art style reminds a lot of Halloween. The atmosphere is somewhere between macabre and immature, a combination lighting up the rather bizzare plot. The ends tie together nicely, with a great climax battle. Unfortunately, the final chapter turned out a little too detached from the original plot and left quite a few questions unanswered. Maybe splitting it up into two would have been nice, but who am I to complain? This monthly manga gave me quite the time reading, springing from childish-macabre to flirty-bizzare and back.

The Anime was started way before the manga finished and as such ran out of chapters very early. The majority of the series is a very good show very close to the original plot, but once it caught up with the unfinished manga, it kind of went overboard. Though it probably was the best option at that time, the end felt completely rushed and the end somewhat god-modded. (SPOILER:I mean, seriously? A punch to the face? Seriously?)

Soul Eater definitely was very entertaining, especially with well-thought antagonists and a nice backstory revealed at the end. The story went along well with its own laws and the characters seemed to actually grow and not just get stuffed with newly discovered powers, which is a feature I greatly appreciate. Especially the final battle is one worthy of a good manga.

Moreover, Soul Eater is one of the few series in which I liked every character. Not because they are all amazing, but because they perfectly fullfil their purpose and don’t go over the top, which I find very artistic. Still, they never bored me out, but rather made me more interested. Especially evident in the development of Black Star, who has turned from another annoying brat to actually a real highlight of the show (which I’m sure was his true goal.)

Downer: The last chapter really lost to its predecessors. More than anything, it was comic relief. (Maybe to make it an easy goodbye?)

I can recommend Soul Eater to everyone who likes stories a little out of the ordinary. It may not be Shakespeare, but surely fulfills its main purpose and entertains. If you like Tim Burton films, this is worth a try!

Soul Eater – FACTS

by Atsushi Okubo

Published in 2003-2013, by Gangan Comics & TV Tokyo

Age: 12+

Recommended for: Tim Burton lovers that liked Naruto or fans of the Grim Reaper.

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