Are you Alice?

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What the f**k doesn’t even begin to cover it…

Imagine you just woke up in a place you’ve never seen before, no memory of yourself and a boy with long white rabbit ears decides to give you a name and a purpose. Still following? Then we have the set-up of the manga explained.

Okay, being a blonde dude and receiving the name Alice isn’t the manliest thing in the world, but you’ll soon see that gender isn’t seen as strictly in this manga as elsewhere. Tolerance advised. The rest is briefly explained as “Alice in Wonderland”. Our Alice has the purpose to kill the White Rabbit, to advance the story.

To what? And that’s where I leave you to the manga, because there is nothing about this left to explain. Just grab it and see where it takes you, but consider yourselves warned, that this manga takes random to a whole new level. ┬áIt’s as strange as Alice in Wonderland was upon it’s release.

No matter how wound up the story is, the drawings are beautiful. The hype about this manga surely comes from it’s stylish design somewhere between lolita and mafia, really gorgeous. The smooth characters of Wonderland are a huge contrast to constantly bickering Alice. To be honest, I never thought I’d like someone quite as obnoxious as this blondie but at some point the tables have turned. At some point Wonderland is so fucked up that you actually start siding with Alice and that’s when things heat up. We don’t have a helpless kid running after a goal anymore but an actual protagonist, who has his fair share in the comic relief of this series.

If you don’t have a problm with the overly strange setting, this is actually a manga for everyone. Really, some fighting, some cool lines, elaborate plot, and riddles like in a good crime novel. You will have your fun, once you get into it. I found it pretty addicitive, so be prepared to spend a night or two with this.

Are You Alice?-FACTS

by Ninomiya Ai and Katagiri Ikumi

Published in 2009 by YenPress

Age: any

Recommended for: everybody who finds their way around a complex environment before getting to the real story.


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