Log Horizon


What awaits over the horizon for this MMORPG game based anime?Log Horizon is an ongoing anime based around the main character Shiro and his friends. Shiro wakes up one day inside the world of ‘Elder Tale’ and by inside I mean yes – he has become one with the game! No, I joke :P, he has just become stuck inside the game and taken over the role of his character there is no knowledge as to why he is suddenly inside the game with no way out – yet. He begins by searching for other friends who have also been sucked into the game and successfully locates Naotsugu and Akatsuki. From there they must discover why they have been trapped and learn to live as a character in this new world.

Now I know what you’re thinking or perhaps not  – It’s just another SAO clone jumping on the band wagon. No, no it’s not at all, it is actually all that I thought SAO would be and better. I loved SAO so you can only imagine how good this is. I digress that the amount of combat in the anime is limited, don’t get me wrong, it is there still and in some ways is much more true to an MMORPG than some other anime and mangas that I know. Also it takes the time to actually explain what each of the different terminologies meant, I however, who is versed in MMORPG’s, didn’t need for that to be explained (Check me out!) I say it because I feel the amount of time they spend on that isn’t cumbersome and the information provided is pretty concise and on point.

The main premise of the story is dealing with the new found freedom provided by this game which is now no longer governed by rule and law. How Shiro will deal with this will change the way the story turns out. Actually, the main thing that intrigues me about this anime is the fact that it prefers to dwell upon the idea of the realistic despair created by this kind of apocalyptic change in their lives. How the realism created is actually more exciting than the idea of people slashing mindlessly away. The diplomatic nature of it is a lot less boring than you might think and sometimes the plots that are revealed are very clever.

So I would say that this is a very promising production, it is 15 episodes in and I have loved every episode. I would recommend to anyone who is a fan of hack//sign or any game related manga or anime. It is a thrill to have something deviate so far from the norm in the sense.

Log Horizon – FACTS

Anime Directed by: Shinji Ishihara

written by:Toshizo Nemoto

manga written by: Mamare Touno

illustrated by: Kazuhiro Hara

Ages 12+

Recommended for: fans of SOA, Fate/Stay Night and all it’s relatives

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