Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks


A helpless Idealist looking for the Holy Grail – whether he likes it or not.

Since his foster-fathers death, Emiya has only one goal: learning how to use magic to help the innocent an weak. If he’s not working on spells, he goes to school, where he is well-liked by the other students.

Until he ends up with a blonde girl, referring to herself as “Saber” at his side and nearly attacked by a guy in a blue armour with a lance. And to make matters worse, his classmate Tohssaka is also in, with a grim looking blondie in a red cape. The question is: why?

Emiya has involuntarily summoned Saber, which gives us quite the insight, to just how much Emiya sucks at magic, and hence entered the Holy Grail War, held between magicians who each have summoned one heroic spirit, ghosts of long dead heroes, that fight in their place. Their goal is to obtain the Holy Grail and have their one wish granted.

So far so good we get thrown right into the action. There’s not much time to process, as things heat up very quickly. Makes sense, considering both, the movie and the manga were adaptions of the Fate/Stay Night video game. Unlimited Bladeworks is one of the many paths the player can decide for the game to take.

The movie is directly to the point we don’t mess with unnecessary details. Which is good for the action, but sometimes you don’t exactly know why they are at each other’s throats right about now. The animation however, is very skillfull and on top level.

The manga, on the other hand, pays more attention to the details and follows a few more side-plots, that are missing in the movie. We still have as much action, and still get a blast whenever we think we’re finlly through. But the manga leaves you more time to actually think: what the f*** is Emiya thinking?

And that’s once again the weak spot in this series. As much supernatural action we get in an elaborate system Emiya really slows down the plot unnecessarily. We all know he’s a good guy, but for the love of God, does he have to shout it out on every occasion? I swear, this guy has a worse martyr-complex than Allen Walker (who can at least hold himself in battle)! A lot of the characters let their attitude show so much, that I prefer the few quiet ones, like Assassin, are a welcomed change.

That means, if you are willing to overlook slightly one-dimensional characters, as long as you get some fast paced action, Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks can be given a try. If you’re not convinced by the storyline, you can always take the challenge of the game an see, if you can make it better. So far, it looks like it’s rather a series for fans.

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks – FACTS

based on the game from Type Moon (2004)

film by Studio DEEN (2010)

manga by Nisiwaki Datto, published 2005 by Kadokawa Shoten

Age: 16+

Recommended for: Fans of Fate/Stay Night, hardcore fans of summoner-stories.

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