Crime Zone Recommendation

I don’t think I’ll spoil any fun if I say: This manga mainly consist of blood, some gore and fanservice galore.

The world Aburaya Shirou lives in is quite apocalyptic. Humans live their lives by day and night – only dusk and dawn draw a line to that. That’s when the Hesperides, a new kind of vampire take over and roam the streets for nourishment. Usually, Shirou will avoid drama by simply staying inside at those times, but fate plays its wicked games on him, and before he knows, he has some kind of special relation to the pure breeds, the last 9 original vampires.  Luckily, he encounters Ichijoji Eruka, a special humanoid breed, that has one goal: destroy all the remaining pure breeds.

So for starters, that’s quite some input on vampire species we get here. I wasn’t too excited to live through yet another vampire story, but it turned out quite badass. I don’t like the complete and utter naivity of Shirou, but I definitely like how Eruka doesn’t have one easy win after the other. The pure breeds are quite interesting opponents and though following a standard scheme are not too predictable (which I hold in high regards!). 13 chapters don’t really give you an insight to how this will work out in the long run. This could turn out quite boring, if we stay inside the find-opponent-kill-opponent-fanservice!-cycle. However the potential to make more out of this is there. I am interested in how this turns out.

Yes, you can call this another Hellsing rip-off, if you’re being strict. Or you can look at this as a new fanservice-and-gore-spiked approach. Also, you shouldn’t mind explicit graphics, the rating is for a reason. So yeah, the fanservice is probably the main reason for most of you to read this, but I can also recommend it to the twilight-haters, badass-vampire or Elfen Lied fans and those who just want some slashing and action.

Amp here, now there isn’t an anime for crimezone so I read the manga instead, and boy I’ve been missing out. The gore is crisp and clean (well not really) It’s done to a degree that you wouldn’t normally see in any anime. I’ll tell you this now it was a massive breath of fresh air. Hell, even the wimpy protagonist is kinda cool in his own right. So to all you exclusively watching anime I suggest you bring up Batoto and search Crimezone – believe me when I say you are in for a treat.

Crimezone – FACTS

by Yamamoto Kenji, Tokya Seigo

Published in 2011 by Dragon Age

Age: 18+

Recommeded for: everyone who looks for a new gore-filled manga.

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