Black Order Group

2013 was the year we had to say goodbye to this awesome series, not quite sure how to write an objective review for one of my absolute favourites… who would have thought that this was originally a shojo-manga? Anyways, pick this series up again!

Allen Walker has 3 more or less important problems: his physical appearance, including a cursed eye and a strange arm; his a**hole of a master who left him knocked out in India; and the blade of fellow exorcist and hottie Kanda Yuu currently pointed at his throat. And he’ll have to get used to all of that, if he actually wants to pursue his dream: join the Black Order and become an exorcist. Exorcists usually spend their time hunting akuma (something like the minions of the super-villan: the Millenium Earl) and retrieving Innocence (a substance with the power to destroy akuma and said Earl). That way they try to prevent the apocalypse the Millenium Earl is setting into motion.

The anime barely includes fillers and stays close to the original storyline. What the fans have been most smitten by was not only the way the artwork was made, but also the excellent choice of music. On the other hand, some of the animated fights can’t hold a candle to better known anime series (I know the Naruto animators went overboard at some time, but a quick chat with them might have actually brought a little more motion into this).

When I like the basic concept of a manga, I am usually willing to let logic fly out of the window. The many plot twist give quite some speed to the story, but they easily become predictable. They don’t bring many surprises, it’s rather the artwork that makes you stunned (at least a little). In the latest chapters, plot twist have gone so far, that I probably don’t even want to know the solution. Though I’m quite sad that the series has been cancelled (due to sickness of the author). On the big plus side, I really love the way Hoshino creates her characters. None of them are one-dimensional, they all bring interesting and sometimes contrasting traits, like the awesome scientist supervisor with the sister complex. Also, there’s  bunch of humor in this series, thanks to amazing key figures. Once again, I’m not really sure who I am siding with, tophats make even the most evil of bastards somehow appealing. Did I mention this was originally a shojo-manga? ^^”

If the plot doesn’t have tob e all that logical for you, here you go! You get some nice action, humor and plenty of inside jokes. If you liked Joker’s, this might be just the thing for yuu!

D.Gray-man – FACTS

written by Katsura Hoshino

Published: 2004 (-2013 so far), Shueisha, TV Tokyo

Age: 16+

Recommended for: fans of supernatural fiction and those who agree that swords beat guns (with the single exception of Judgement!). And fangirls of all ages.

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