Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Mafia bosses and School girls – well what are you waiting for?

The cast of KHR (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) is quite large which is a great big +1 because i can tell you now that the anime juggles round each individual character amazingly, every character has their own little story to tell so that you really get into the main plot-line. the main character has the wimpy look about him but he is definitely one of the cooler characters i have seen. Our main character is great when it comes to having an interesting lead role, there were definitely points in the anime where i chuckled a lot during scenes with our protagonist. Other characters have more downtime than ‘Tsuna’ our lead role however they all play a main part in the anime and are well rounded. My only gripe with this anime is that it takes a long time introducing each character into the anime meaning the actual plot doesn’t start to later on in the show, on the other hand it isn’t boring at all watching the characters get together and if you enjoy a lengthy anime then you are in for a great time.  If you like to get right into the action with anime i still think you will enjoy the beginning stages of as it choc full of fighting scenes, also it is well worth the wait to get in to the story. And that transitions us perfectly into the next points!

The story in this work is vast and wide like the sea and pretty much as deep, the start of the anime is focused on character progression and i will tell you this now if you can get past that the pace quickens a lot, by a lot i mean a ton. We see much more character interaction telling the story for us and you start to learn much more about each character. The story is probably this anime’s strong point and i enjoyed it thoroughly. It is very difficult for me to say much more about the story in such a long anime without spoiling anything, so I’ll just say that is awesome coming from someone who usually doesn’t watch anything too action intensive. However i will be honest here and once again re-iterate that DAYUM it takes a good while to transition into the main plot line and even then there is a quite a bit of filler. Yet i will add that the filler ain’t too bad and is quite enjoyable at some parts too!

The action is Brilliantly done, stunning visuals from start to finish. Made my heart race multiple times and the unique fighting styles were a plus, i will compare it to Naruto in the way that if not for being an original concept i wish more animators would use these kind of fighting styles. I loved every second of the action in this show from the comedic to the serious and it is the best part of this show.

Comedy is Very present in this anime to balance out the seriousness of a burden that placed upon on Tsuna with a multitude of comedic scenes that our protagonist is perfect for. SMALL SPOILERS ALERT i feel that the comedic side of this anime dies out towards the end but for good reason so is not missed but is still present throughout. I will say that this anime is hilarious and does well to place comedic moments here and there to lighten the mood. kudos for this.

MOAR SPOILERS! – The manga is STILL not finished yet which is incredible to say the least, the last chapter has been infuriating and has been going downhill ever since, The anime on the other hand ends at a good point (that is until they bring out more episodes, which i doubt that they will) you won’t be as disappointed with the anime as the manga though i will say that the artwork in the manga is incredible so i guess it’s just up to you guys if you wanna power it out to the end.

Bringing things to an end (which KHR obviously hasn’t quite done yet) I will say that it was an awesome peice and i mean that, though the further the manga and anime dragged on the more convoluted it became. What can we learn from this – well you gotta end it whilst you can and not pull a Game of Thrones on us all.

So who will want to watch Katekyo Hitman Reborn? Well if you like anything where the protagonist progresses slowly but surely to fulfill a greater role like for instance Naruto, then you will love this anime. There is a nice amount of comedy put on our plate with an equally appetizing amount of action.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn – FACTS

Written by Akira Amano

Published by Shueisha

Age 12+

Recommended for: Fans of ongoing works and action/comedies like Naruto

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