Death Note

Death Note Review

“To-Die-List” just got a whole new dimension.

This classic features a detective story, that has yet to be rivaled: Light Yagami is a highschool student, who exceeds in school and criminal thinking. Just the right kind of person to pick up the Death Note of Ryuk, a shinigami aka death god. Light, being the good natured guy he is, returns it, and everyone lives happly ever after.

Just kidding, Light naturally can’t help but trying it out. All to make the world a better place, of course, and only criminals. Ryuk is enjoying himself as criminals die and the public grows more aware of the decay of morals. Everything is proceeding according to plan unti L shows up, a mysterious voice behind a screensaver. And gives Light Yagami hell. And so begins the chase.

The manga is beautiful to say the least. It really hold the balance between detail and clear design. Amazingly, even though the art style is very fine, it captures even the strongest and most shocking emotions perfectly and gave me a few chills. The anime however gives off the same effect to perfection, the way that each character’s facial expression is animated makes it even easier to get an insight into what people are thinking. That is apart from Light who’s facade is impenetrable. There isn’t anything special about the art style but it does the job and it does it well.

There is only one big issue with Death Note and that is the first big climax right in the middle, that leaves you totally devastated and wondering, how the story is meant to go on now. And it takes quite a while to pick up speed again, which isn’t as extreme in the anime as it is in the manga. Anyways, you should have someone that you can rant about it to around.  I’ll add though that the constant and incredible ploys that both parties go to are impressive to say the least, it left me wondering if the plot really was just designed by one man; and if it was then that man is a genius. These little reminders that the main characters are ridiculously smart meant that the part of the work where things started to slow down didn’t leave me unsatisfied.

To conclude you’ll be thrown into the world of Death Note and i assure you there will be points where you feel utterly overwhelmed by the genius that goes on, but i will say that the anime and manga have been hyped up a lot of the past years so don’t go in expecting too much and you’ll enjoy the ride just that much more.

So who would like Death Note? Basically everyone, who prefers suspense over Fairy Tail-like action. Death Note lives from the battle of wits between Light and L, and their respective thoughts about each other. That and having the overview as a reader, makes the reading experience all the more captivating.


Death Note – FACTS

by Tsugumi Ooba & Takeshi Obata

Published by Shueisha (2003-2006), Mad House (2006-2007)

Age: +12

Recommended for: Fans of suspense and mystery.

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