Red Raven

Red Raven Recommendation



We proudly present a new badass manga with an eye-patch wearing protagonist!

So this time we tag along with young Andy and his mysteriously large suitcase. The time is somewhere in the last century (which doesn’t matter that much), the setting is the rivalry between various mafia families – and here we go.

Andy himself is an Executioner, one of the so called Red Raven, who carry out their missions once they’ve received it via letter. The suitcase contains a large guillotine blade he prefers to work with, other than that, he has a pretty badass eye (usually covered with an eyepatch) which also qualifies as a weapon of its own class: a Scaggs. Scaggs are the main focus of this series, since they’re super weapons made by a deceased mafia family. So when Andy doesn’t pronounce executions, he usually cuts some guns in halves, or whatever form that Scaggs weapon has. He seems to be motivated by his own past, so we’ll surely see some interesting plot there.

Only 12 chapters out and I am already torn: I really like the idea and how the artwork compliments the story. Somehow, from the first frame, this was exactly what I expected and I wasn’t disappointed with this once. Then again, I might as well be excited because I can’t fight the feeling, I’m watching Allen and Lavi beating some sense into the bad guys, while Allen has borrowed the eyepatch and emotional range from Ciel Phantomhive. It’s funny, it’s entertaining, it absolutely lives up to my expectations – but right now I fail to see something new here. Then again, it’s put together quite nicely, even with all the déjà-vus, so that it still makes a good manga. So maybe call it a hybrid-manga?

If you like any form of “A-boy-does-a-man’s-job” manga, you will surely like it. D.Gray-man fans will be happy to see Lavi and Allen again and anyone who simply wants a good action manga will be served. If you don’t mind finding resemblances to other manga, or even enjoy them (I do, it’s like a mystery puzzle – and I guess it’s unavoidable after a certain number of series you’ve read), then please give this baby a try. It’s hard to say this, because the manga itself is really fun to read, fact is, if you’re looking for something entirely new you’ve never read before, you won’t find it here.


Red Raven – Facts


Fujimoto Shinta

Published: 2010- ongoing, Square Enix

Age: 12+

Recommended for: those who liked Durara for the references, suit and tie, and the general ass-kicking in shounen manga.

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