Jokers Manga

So it seems we found Ciel Phantomhive’s long-lost skilled twin…

Chiwa has come to the so called Underground, as the youngest police officer and first to ever really ask to serve there.  Just after arriving there, he gets into trouble with Nanairo, who turns out to be his new comerade, along with Juuya. Those two are enhanced humans and serve in the same way, Chiwa does. Their main concern up to now is to solve serial murders commited by the so called Fallen Ravens, black monsters with incredible strength and crazy claws.

So I’ll do my best to keep the fandom down. Lord knows I have a thing for moody, longhaired swordmen in manga, and this is everything I could ask for. Up until now, I like all the characters, probably because they didn’t have much of a chance to screw up yet. The manga  is something between D. Grayman (which I loved) and  what Black Butler would be without Sebastian. Only 4 chapters have been released so far, but I am positive and hope Ichi will keep up the good work. History in the making? I definitely love it and will keep up with it.

I can recommend it to all fans of D.Grayman and those who would have liked Black Butler better without Sebby in it. Otherwise, if you simply look for some cool slightly supernatural action, this might be the thing for you.



by Kurage Ichi

Published: 2012, Zero Sum

Age: 12+

Recommended for: Kanda Yu, Ciel Phantomhive or Morinozuka Takashi fangirls, rejoice!

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