Jack Frost Review

Jack Frost Manga Hot

Where homework CAN kill you!

Noh-A doesn’t have the best of starts at Amityville High. Her classmates look like an army of mad minions and right behind her sits smirking creep Jack. While she’s still wary of the class, all hell breaks loose and she loses her head – literally. Only 5 minutes into class! She takes the ongoing slaughter quite lightly, since the scene is too ridiculous to be true. When she wakes up from what’s expected to be her dream, we find out that not only is Noh-A actually immortal, but from now on stuck with this school and Jack – and various other figures who have nothing in common but a cool killing intent.

Though I definitely don’t look like it, I can really relax while reading some gore. A lot of people get slaughtered (which really seems to be the main goal of this story) we have some weird humor and some reoccurring ecchi – mostly in the form of panties. Even though in the beginning I expected absolutely nothing of this (I can’t even remember how I found it in the first place), but I am pretty curious as to how this develops. The plot seems quite witty until now and I hope it will keep up to my now high expectations in the future.

Some have claimed it is too much like Hellsing to actually read it, but then again, the story oft the poor boy becoming the great hero and facing impossible difficulties has brought up many good manga as well. It’s quite supernatural, but doesn’t drift off too far. If you liked Hellsing, you might give this a try. Probably a little too soft for those who watch “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” for breakfast – I warned you!

Jack Frost Facts

Jack Frost by Jinho Ko

Published: 2009 ongoing, Yenpress

Age: 18+

Recommended for: Legal fans of gore, ecchi and fanservice

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