Bleach Review


This review is also another part of Aizen’s Master plan

Bleach is about high school student Ichigo Kurosaki and his horribly paid side-job: being a shinigami. So he gets into this mess of good and bad souls of the deceased not really willingly, but he takes the job and does it quite well, thanks to shinigami Rukia. Over the course of events, his enemies change from bad souls to other shinigami, back to stronger bad souls and un-loyal shinigami, more strange powered humans and in the final arc to super-powered humans. All the while we keep getting stunned by Ichigo’s steadily growing power and the increasing number of things we can transform a bad ass sword into.

AmpSeriouslySo with that you would of thought that this would be a pretty simple story, maybe 25 episodes right? No, many things start to stir in Soul Society and co-incidentally Ichigo is in the thick of it. Let me take a side bar real quick, the story revolving round Ichigo is quite linear to say the least things happen to him as if it was a pre-scripted life story (which is essentially what it is but its very much not realistic even by anime standards) needless to say though past the first 50 episodes just the fact that you see Ichigo growing stronger and fighting epic battles the simple story so far is enough of a narrative hook to get you hooked (LOL i did a pun i am so funny) The story starts to pick up and just when you think its getting good FILLER Bleach has to be the worst anime for filler i have ever seen, the problem is that these sometimes 20 episode sub-plots are that they appear to take place in the same universe and they seem to have some effect on the main characters YET no one bloody remembers them, very confusing for an idiot like myself xD. AMPS AWESOME ADVICE: Basically there are some awesome sites that allow you to see exactly where these sub-plots start and where they end so you can bypass them entirely ABRACADBRA LINK *Poof* However to be fair to these filler episodes some of the arcs can be quite enjoyable so unless you absolutely hate filler just watch em anyways.

Do I like this manga? No, I love it! Though it requires a lot of getting used to since the set-up is somewhat complicated, but definitely worth putting up with. Thanks to artistic Rukia we get provided with lots of self-explanatory graphics to not lose track of it. What really bugs me is, that even though he has great character development for himself, Ichigo has slowly turned into some form of super-hybrid (SPOILER: I mean, what is he? He’s a ShinigamiHollowFullbringQuincy!). The new focus in the latest chapters has been pretty refreshing and I am looking forward to the new chapters in September. Another strong point of Bleach is, that this time I actually prefer the protagonists over the side characters (okay, except for Grimmjaw, everybody loves Grimmjaw!) So I can understand that it has a big fan community (since I’m one of them) and it really deserves it’s success.

We can recommend Bleach for all fans of supernatural mangas and a thing for sword-fighting. It can be pretty tedious, but once Kubo let’s his pencil go bankai you end up with amazing action.

Bleach Facts

Bleach by Tite Kubo

Published: 2001 Shueisha, TV Tokyo


Recommended for: Swordfans with a long breath.

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