Surely a lot of us can relate to her a lot more that we would ever dare to admit. Granted, the idea that simply entering Highschool makes you hotter than hell is sort of far fetched, and it seems even more ridiculous from someone who spend their whole summer in their room, amount of showers unknown. But let’s just bear with it for a while.

Actually, let’s bear with it for the rest of the series, ’cause it’s hilarious. Right after we learn that a picture Tomoko’s could well be placed in an encyclopedia next to the term “Mojo”, her first year as a high schooler starts and it’s everything – but not what she expected. Mojo

So all in all, we are in the first row, watching Tomoko make her way through her social awkwardness and making an utter fool of herself. Not only that, also her brother Tomoki and her former middle school friend Yuu (who apparently got abducted during summer by aliens from planet babe) get involved in this… more than everything to her brother’s dismay. Between life counselling sessions with her brother and panty adventures with Yuu, it somehow dawns on Tomoko that there might actually be more to life than just gaming – and that the otome game that prepares you for your fateful encounter with Mr. Right still has to be invented. Myra Sigh Watamote Review Tomoko’s development happens in between a model example of nerdiness and something best described as denial. Nevertherless, along the (very long and windy) road to acknowledgement and popularity (though coming back down to earth would make a good start either way), she has her highlights. Okay, maybe not her experiences with ants, but I swear, I loved the umbrella scenes!!! The manga has a very clear art style, and the pace of the pictures perfectly goes along with Tomoko’s train of thoughts.

The anime only helps to emphasize how cringeworthy Tomoko really is, in a hilarious way of course! I’m 90% sure that most of us have

Amp Facepalm Watamote Review

been in most of the situations that she experiences on a daily basis. Izumi Kitta Seriously captures everything about Tomoko just in the way she talks, cute with a hint of Spite for everyone who is more popular than she is. In fact all the voice acting in this anime is brilliant! The Artists take a bold leap by using different shapes (Hexagons and all that jazz) for lighting effects. An awesome addition that worked really well, unfortunately i didn’t get much time to appreciate it because i was too busy facepalming after everything Tomoko says.

If I’m honest i preferred the look of Tomoko in the manga however the awesome voice that Izumi adds makes it worth it to give the anime a quick spin. By the way the Opening music is probably the most awesome opening i have seen in a while, mainly because we have Tomoko rocking out to some heavy metal, just another reason to watch the anime.

What is there left to say? The series revolves around Tomoko, being her socially awkward self, whenever the occasion arises. And it’s rip-crushingly hilarious to watch. Just when you thought she might have finally gotten the gist of it, that is until she opens her mouth.  Do you like panties, nerdy girls and ants? Then this is the series for you. This special humor isn’t everybody’s case, but in case you wondered if Haruhi Fujioka came to Ouran with Black Stars personality, Tomoko’s an option to be reckoned with. Warning: bold humor and flat jokes ahead!

Watamote – Facts

written by Nico Tanigawa

Published 2011 by Square Enix; anime 2013 by TV Tokyo, directed by Shin Omura

Age: 12+

Recommended for: everyone who laughs their asses of over social awkwardness at it’s finest.

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